Machine Vision

Manufacturing today has moved on from six sigma to “Zero Defect”. Our Eyes for IOT vision software enables zero defect in manufacturing with state of the art machine vision applications. With its extremely robust and powerful image processing engine, the software is capable of measuring parts and components upto an accuracy of +/- 2 microns.

  • Automatically Identifies the Parts
  • Quick and Instant Measurement
  • Simple and user friendly software


Some of our machine vision applications are showcased below:


WX - Spring Inspection System

The WX-SIS (Spring Inspection System) is designed to perform a detailed inspection of spring which includes its Free Length, Outer Diameter, chamfer with respect to its measurement and Rust, Cracks, pittings, ends with respect to its surface.

  • Measurement with rotation
  • Identifies multiple visual defects
  • Inspects both the faces on the spring



WX - Camshaft Inspection System

The WX-CIS (Camshaft Inspection System) is an extremely powerful software tool developed by Waveaxis to inspect and measure a camshaft.

  • Generates a profile for the cams
  • Inspects the surface of the camshafts Journals
  • Multiple views of image capture for covering the heights upto 500mm
  • Customizable for different heights



WX - Rollers Inspection System

The WX-RIS (Rollers Inspection System) is designed to perform surface inspection of roller bearings. Powered by an advanced image processing engine, the WX-RIS can perform inspection of not just the Diameter but also the faces on the rollers.

  • Detailed Track/Diameter inspection
  • Identifies burr, rust, cracks and nicks
  • Configurable for various sizes of rollers



WX - Vision Inspection System

The WX - VIS (Vision Inspection System) configured to measure the washers with respect to its Outer and Inner Diameter.

  • Measurement and sorting up to 120 parts per minute
  • Internal diameter accuracy of 10 microns
  • Identified defective and damaged parts


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