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We believe the camera is the sensor that will be at the forefront of all future IoT applications. The camera has the ability to give us control. We cannot be at all places all the time. The camera can change that. Giving us control and security with the power of sight.

Our "Eyes for IoT" vision platform is at the bleeding edge of vision technology. We have implemented cameras & vision for IoT applications that are unparalleled in terms of quality and ease of use.

The Eyes for IoT platform saves our customers time and money with faster deployment in a fraction of the time required to start from scratch. Customer can focus on the application rather than worrying about how to build it.

Our "Eyes for IoT" vision platform goes beyond simple machine to machine communications by extending to advanced analytics and machine learning. We deliver superior value to our customers as advanced analytics in our systems are way more intelligent and responsive than common systems available today.

Why Machine Vision?

Importance and necessity of machine vision stems from two principal application areas: the first being the Improvement of pictorial information for human interpretation and the second being the Processing of a scene data for an autonomous machine perception. Machine Vision adds value to your processes in a number of way:

  • Better handling of raw materials
  • Maintaining quality
  • Reducing errors
  • Managing repetitive tasks
  • Improving communication across the enterprise

Our Latest Products


WX100 is a fully featured optical inspection system designed to instantly measure multiple dimensions on a part as large as 3" with an accuracy of +/-0.002MM.

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WaveFEA is a CAD-embedded Finite Element Analysis software that combines SolidWorks and Autodesk Nastran into one powerful FEA tool.

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