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Waveaxis takes it vision software to next level by introducing Eyes for IoT. It’s an Imaging software based IOT library which can be configured to various requirement based on the user needs. From face recognition to security and surveillance and Access controls. The Eyes for IOT is designed to be able to adapt to various platforms like Windows, IOS and Android.


Some of our application libraries are showcased below:



With innovative technologies like Virtual reality and Interactive gaming taking over the gaming arena, Eyes for IOT can be used to upgrade your gaming experience to the next level. Computer Vision adds charm into gaming by letting the users not only experience the game but also live it.


Visual Shot Recognition

Shooting had never been this interesting before, with the inclusion of Eyes for IOT into your shooting range, the players can precisely identify the shots from a far off distance using an android tablet or an ipad. The Eyes for IOT provides options for players to compete against each other, select different game modes, identify shots precisely and also upload score to social media.

  • Identifies shots automatically
  • Multiple player game modes
  • Social media integration
  • Leaderboards display
  • Online web servers



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